Torturing the bitch with an elastic band – The Break Up Bitch – For Mobile Devices

I remember at school we used to do this, and thought it would be a nice way to inflict some pain on my cheating lying slut best friend. I took an elastic band and snapped it, then i stretch it and flick her naked body with it. I flick her ass, her pussy, her nipples, I flick her all over as i degrade her for being a cheep slut who fucks her friends over. I tell her that she is the only one capable out of our circle of friends that could cheat on one of our boyfriends. She is the only one who is low and trashy enough to do something like this. She is the only one who acts like a bitch whore. I am breaking the bitch down with my verbal bullying and it feels good to me. I can see her shrink as i dehumanise her, and im proud of myself for it.

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