Stop complaining you are cold bitch. Get in the fire place. Next time you complain i will light you up – The Break Up Bitch – Small File

Im tired of hearing from the slag that she is cold though the night! She complains that there is no heating and that she hasn’t got any clothes to wear! SO FUCKING WHAT! YOU FUCKED MY BOYFRIEND SLAG!!!!! I drag the whore by her hair into the coal fire place! I rub the whores face in the coal fire place making her black. Then i throw things at her while she is in the fire place. I tell her that if i hear her complain that she is cold again i will set her on fire in the fire place. I force the slag to lick the fire place and chimney clean wit her tongue. The slag licks the filthy black fire place with her tongue. I start to make fire with wood and threaten the whore that if she disappoints me i will burn her in there! I spit on the slut as she licks away at the fire place for my amusement. I then force her to lick my boots clean while she is squeezed in the chimney. I tell her to cover herself in black charcoal and that i want to see her whole body black. I tell her that i am going to pimp her out as my black bitch because my clients are already bored of her as a white bitch! The whore is covered in black soot.

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